Matthew Parkinson

Matthew Parkinson is altogether different from those who sell themselves as ‘experts’ in all aspects of financial remedy proceedings, UK and International private children cases and frequently associated civil litigation (including property, probate and professional negligence disputes).

The same applies in regard to Court of Protection and Inquest Work and Coroner Court practice.

Rather than merely sell you the notion that he is an expert in all of these legal disciplines, Matthew Parkinson is recognised as one: not just among his peers, not only with solicitors, not simply at Court but crucially by the clients he represents, more often than not by recommendation or referral.

So, if you need expert help in the following areas of law, please contact Matthew’s clerks. Early booking is strongly recommended. 

For help in financial remedy proceedings:

  • Farms (tenanted and partnerships);
  • Private companies, particularly family businesses:
  • Professionals, including sportsmen, city bankers, lawyers and accountants, medical professionals, teachers and industrialists;
  • Cases carrying a foreign element – one party being resident abroad – property abroad;
  • Add backs e.g. from gambling/stock market trades;
  • Conduct arguments;
  • Shareholdings;
  • Pensions;
  • Non-disclosure;
  • Arbitration;
  • Advice on Settlement Awards;

For help regarding overseas assets:

  • Offshore assets held in trust;
  • Worldwide freezing orders and applications to set aside transactions (section 37 MCA 173);
  • Drafting of and advice upon pre and post-nuptial agreements;
  • High value assets (including multi millions);

For help in private children cases:

  • Seeking shared care;
  • Securing or increasing contact;
  • Bringing or defending a finding of fact application;
  • Specific issues: which nursery? which school? which GP? etc;
  • Police disclosure and representation in the criminal Court;
  • Prohibited Steps Orders:
  • Non-molestation Orders;
  • Relocation inside or outside the UK;
  • Hague Convention cases;
  • Special Guardianship Orders;
  • Grandparents’ rights;
  • International movement and return of children;
  • Enforcement of Orders;
  • Contempt of Court hearings;
  • Varying Orders;
  • Parental alienation;
  • Coercion and Control cases;
  • Domestic abuse.

For help in complex civil litigation cases:

  • Trust disputes;
  • Inheritance Act claims;
  • Probate disputes;
  • All types of land and property disputes (including associated equity claims);
  • Professional Negligence.

For help in Court of Protection and Inquest Work (including Coroner Court work):

  • All Court of Protection work;
  • Public and Private Inquest work;
  • Coroner Inquiry work and representation;