New Bailey Chambers welcomes applications for tenancy from established practitioners wishing to join our busy team. We welcome applicants from differing professional backgrounds and levels of experience.

Please apply in writing to Laura Armstrong, Senior Clerk, at New Bailey Chambers, 2nd Floor, 10 Duke Street, Liverpool L1 5AS or via email laura.armstrong@newbailey.com

Applications are treated in the strictest confidence.


New Bailey Chambers is committed to the principles of equality and diversity alongside fair recruitment and selection.

We take great care to ensure that our pupillage application and selection process is conducted fairly. We are committed to following our well defined selection procedures, ensuring that all pupils are funded in accordance with the Bar Qualification Manual and BSB Handbook, establishing and following written training programmes in accordance with the Professional Statement for Barristers whilst ensuring fair distribution of work and opportunities to pupils, complying with pupillage monitoring requirements and ensuring pupils are offered the highest levels of support throughout pupillage.

The Bar Qualification Rules set out the three stages of education and training as:

1. The academic component

2. The vocational component

3. The pupillage or work-based component

New Bailey Chambers only offers the pupillage/work based component of training for the Bar.

We offer pupillages through the approved three-step pathway, the four-step pathway and the integrated academic and vocational pathway. We do not offer pupillages through the apprenticeship pathway.

We consider applications from candidates who are yet to complete the academic or vocation components; however we do require candidates to complete those components prior to commencing their pupillage at New Bailey Chambers.

Our pupillage is designed to enable our pupils to exceed the threshold requirements contained in the Professional Statement for Barristers. Successful pupils will be able to demonstrate an excellent understanding and practical application of the key components of the Professional Statement for Barristers, namely;

1. Barristers’ distinctive characteristics – legal knowledge, skills and attributes; practical knowledge, skills and attributes; advocacy; professional standards.

2. Personal values and standards

3. Working with others – at work and with lay individuals.

4. Management of Practice – personal practice management at work level; professional compliance and work.

Chambers will advertise any pupillage on the Pupillage Gateway, www.pupillagegateway.com and in accordance with the Pupillage Funding and Advertising Requirements and the Equality and Diversity Code of the Bar.

Below is a link to our Pupillage Policy which sets out our selection process and details of how pupillage will be delivered to successful candidates.

Pupillage Policy

Third Six/Probationary Tenants

Applications are invited to apply for probationary tenancy at New Bailey Chambers.

New Bailey Chambers is seeking talented individuals who have completed pupillage elsewhere (usually within the last 12 months); who are looking to progress their career in a busy multi-disciplinary set.

Successful candidates are sought to join our criminal, family and civil teams. Opportunities and support will be available to probationary tenants to broaden their experience within their current practice areas as well as support and mentoring for those wishing to diversify into new areas.

We will provide:

– Regular court work to develop advocacy skills

– Guidance for advancement and expansion of practice

– Professional development opportunities

– Opportunities to develop drafting and research skills working with other members of chambers

– Access to training and support including a supervising mentor

New Bailey Chambers is a friendly and supportive set and places great value in mentoring pupils and probationary tenants and guiding them to excel and become valued members of the Bar.

Probationary tenants will not be required to pay rent on earnings during their probationary period.

Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate they have developed their professional skills during their 12 month pupillage. They will have excellent advocacy and analytical skills along with great interpersonal skills and a determination to establish a successful career at the Bar.

Applications for tenancy are invited at the conclusion of the probationary period.

Please apply in writing to Laura Armstrong, Senior Clerk, at New Bailey Chambers, 2nd Floor, 10 Duke Street, Liverpool L1 5AS or via email laura.armstrong@newbailey.com

It should be headed ‘Probationary Tenancy Application’. Two referees should be specified (or references attached if they have already been obtained). Applications are treated in the strictest confidence and references will not be sought without prior notice to candidates.

There is no formal deadline for applications and we may offer a probationary tenancy to a preferred candidate at any time. Interviews will be arranged at a mutually convenient time.